Should Mueller Probe Be Retasked to Investigate Demo Mexican Collusion?

After Special Investigator Mueller completes his Russian collusion investigation of President Trump, will he be given the task of investigating Speaker Pelosi collusion with Mexico? Plainly, Speaker Pelosi seems hell-bent on keeping national borders as easy to cross for illegal aliens and drug smugglers as she can. With four California referees throwing the NFC championship game to the Rams to thwart an honest Saints victory, who knows how far Collusion goes with Mexico from the Speaker from California?

California seems to produce politicians that feel it is their own right to be beyond good and evil. If Speaker Pelosi needs cheap illegal workers for her vast California vineyard then collusion with Mexico just might be what she feels is needed to continue her personal advantage. The likelihood of Pelosi collusion with real Mexican powers to influence legislation is greater than President Trump colluding with Russian agents to swing the U.S. election. That is, it is easier for Mexican interests too influence Nancy Pelosi than for Russians to become U.S. electors that takes McCarthyist paranoia to an extremely neurotic level.

Democrat Party leaders would have us believe the like Frederick III of Saxony aka Fred the Elector, President Putin is actually Prince Vlad the Elector of Muscovy choosing his preferred Presidential candidates of the United States as well as the outcome. Some are incredulous at the presumption of American gullibility and stupidity.,_Elector_of_Saxony

Like the Democrat Party with many whom prefer to get rid of the electoral college because more people live concentrated within vast urban areas dominated by Democrat bacchanalians, Prince Vladimir the Elector would like the U.S.A. to end the electoral college system because it prevents direct voter absolute majority democracy.

Poor Mexican workers can only benefit when illegal labor cannot be easily obtained in the United States. When only legal workers are available on both sides of the border wages wiil start to rise in the United States and Mexico too. Those southern aristocrats that kept wages down in the south paying slaves nothing except grief continued a similar policy with mass specious arrests and forced convict labor across the south until a couple of decades into the 20th century. The Pelosi preference for loose borders, the Kamala Harris method of high paying government commission appoints after sex with Willie Brown, are elements of a corrupt San Francisco-L.A. swamp of political ethical corruption threatening to become the national way too.