US Senate Lifts the Burden of Foreign Policy from the President’s Pocket

Apparently the U.S. Senate wants to micro-manage foreign policy.  They seem as idiotic as the House. They “rebuked” the President and passed a measure against early withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Syria. The United States has only had combat forces in Afghanistan 17 years so they believe caution is really needed so nothing happens quickly.

Syria is another case in point. The United States has 5000 ground forces there so the Senate needs to express an opinion about that too. Once upon a time the President managed foreign policy. Now the Senate wants to do that too although they have been too corrupt or timid about declaring war on nations for decades, instead letting the war powers act and mission creep set troop levels.

The United States can never own Afghanistan. The U.S.A. does not make colonies of foreign countries. Afghanistan is the number one supplier of heroin in the world. Before the U.S.A. got involved it was second to the golden triangle. The Senate should rethink its ideas about Afghanistan and realize it is not the new Las Vegas.

What can be done with it is likely to be construction of large solid defensive walls around some long-term bases and support for non-Taliban somewhat moderate Muslim fighters. That may be about it. Education support for the people and economic liason activity might be the final elements of the long-term U.S. presence of 50 year de frappe bases.

Because the Senate is gutless and attacks soft targets like the President, piling on where they can, and because they are not terribly intelligent, the nation’s business is poorly done. Idiots think about universal medicare, loose borders that allow tens of millions of illegal entrants including terrorists exist, global warming is bad, deforestation and zoning to prevent urban and suburban creep lacks imagination, there is 21 trillion dollars of public debt and the Senate seeks to micro-manage foreign policy as if the past 30 years benefited from their ‘advice’.

Without a serious plan to create some sort of nation for the Kurds in part of Syria U.S. foreign policy is b.s. I would think the Senate would also want to condemn Russia again and pass more sanctions to restart that sleeping cold war that indignantly won’t get up and work.