Speaker Pelosi’s Immigration Policy Isn’t Good

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers should build the Southern Border demarcation wall. The President has a solid right to declare a national border emergency and build a defense wall against illegal entry. The fact that unlawful entry occurs over the southern border is a documented fact. Democrats of course are against national defense on a practical basis and hence do not recognize the southern boundary of the United States as vulnerable to non-existent as an impediment to illegal entry.

Some nations of course like having tens of millions of unlawful migrants wandering around and going back and forth across their borders, The rich like loose labor and heavily capitalized global corporate enterprises that can exploit lowest cost labor wherever it is. Democrats of course prefer to concentrate wealth for the most rich by fully supporting in practical history whatever is of most benefit to global corporatism believing they might flank their mistake by fusing as much communism into corporatism as they can. Political theory is not a strong point of the Democrat(ic) potty (genuine Boston phonetic spelling).


It might not be a good idea to prevent the President through legislation from using his executive powers given by the constitution. Some people believe Speaker Pelosi is so radical and uncomprehending that she should be impeached if that were possible (unfortunately it isn’t). If the Congressional leadership is nuts there isn’t much one can do about that except to smile. fortunately the President hasn’t sought to prevent congress from passing any more legislation because its tainted by a lunatic fringe.

The Army Corps should build or direct construction of a vast right-wing berm extending left all the way to California atop which Tesla convertibles could patrol and recharge at fast recharging stations. Solar panels could be built into a slatted fence atop the berm. Because there are more than 700 miles of fence already partially protecting the border a little (even Hussein Bolt would need to slow down at a berm and fence if he choose to sprint illegally across the border (that would work if there were no berm and fence).

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo

Democrats fundamentally don’t feel the United States is a real nation and real people with history. They regard it as having such little cohesiveness, traditions and society, and regard the environment has trash-worthy and not threatened by an additional 100 million or two people in the next half century that flooding it with anyone willing to enter as a criminal in numbers as great as a million or more annually is nothing at all. The Democratic Potty has no vision for the nation about improving the environment and social structure, education and reformation of the nation’s correction system. The people here in the poorest caste and the working and middle castes cannot benefit from Democrat Party legislation, so keeping things as they are with a southern revolving door and new generations of poor and lower class in better barrios and slums that can be upgraded with more construction sprawl and slums is just fine with them.

Democrat Potty political theorists reason that like floods and fires that need be controlled, demographic over-population challenges and economic stagnation can be corrected best by adding more water, more fire and more illegal entry people who can surge the laboring population, prison population, public school population and low-quality educator populations.

In event of national emergency such as destabilizing labor’s demographic based negotiating position with ownership, war, millions of foreign citizens entering the nation without scrutiny, biological war and so forth, the President’s hands should not be tied by extremists in congress from acting to correct the problem.

The southern border of the United States has gaps through which the world poors almost at will in fulfillment of Speaker Pelosi’s illegal immigration policy, The Speaker should not determine U.S. immigration policy nor foreign policy, yet she tries too.

At the battle of Chicamagua there was a moment of military insanity. General Rosecrans commanding the union forces was reorganizing is forces and an order was issued to a field grade officer who did not pass it on in order to spite someone he did not like. It happened that the order would have redeployed troops to the specific gap that General Longstreet under General Bragg was to poor thousands of troops through nearly to route the Union army. It was only the quick think tactical brilliance of General George Thomas who entered the gap with greatly outnumbered forces that slowed the confederate advance enough to let the Union forces retreat in safety instead of slaughter, to fight another day.

Speaker Pelosi reminds me of the Union officer who had a moment of military insanity at the battle of Chicamagua where 16,000 Union troops and 18,000 Confederates were killed or wounded. She will nap allow the gaps in the southern line of immigration control to be filled in, not just to spite the President she hates on as much as she can, but to force her own instead of a lawful sovereign nation to control its own immigration lawfully.