Billionaire Cage Match for 2020 Presidential Election?

Billionaires are able to afford Presidential campaigns where mere ordinary people couldn’t. So one finds party hack first term Senators seeking the top job to promote themselves rather than particular outstanding ideas of benefit to the nation. Because Speaker Pelosi and Sen Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are exemplary at indignance over the wall and anything associated with President Trump, the former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz may find a solid independent run opportunity with a majority of Democrats preferring Schultz instead of their usual list of suspects as a candidate.

Billionaire vs Billionaire would be interesting; independent vs independent for the CHief Executive job. Since the Democrat Potty is brain dead these years on good ideas and national security, there really is no chance they can run anyone thank hasn’t drank the globalist political debauchery kool-aid for the Presidency.