Green New Deal Could Be a Trojan Horse

Representative Ocasio-Cortez is working on a Green New Deal without much green in it seemingly. It is all about eliminating human caused surplus greenhouse gas at a cost of 7 trillion dollars. The problems facing Americans environmentally are far deeper than that.

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal occurred during a depression- the deepest in U.S. history, caused by Wall Street over-exuberance stimulating speculative investments that crashed; like the recession built by Clinton policies in the 1990s that crashed when President G.W. Bush was spending his political capital like a drunken sailor. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’ Green Deal Deal could create a deep depression, and likely would.

Sure U.S. economic policy should be reformed along with capitalism, environmental zoning and so forth, yet top-down structured government decrees won’t work in a democratic environment; politicians and special interests aren’t on board. A better way is to set new parameters for business to work in and let the market move through the new hoops toward a zero-emission economy.

The loss of wildlands is a function of middle class prosperity, ubiquitous automobiles, road building, over-population and the dominance of business production of products antipathetic to ecospheric health. Fundamentally new political philosophy comprehensive of how to reform capitalism so wealth is not overly concentrated and people as ordinary citizens aren’t economically victimized, and the ecosphere is restored to health need to be explicitly written out for people to review before political actualizations occur. The Pelosi health approach of pass it and then find out what’s in it doesn’t work except for fascists and imperials.

Democrats seem to have a hidden agenda of national economic and social destruction in order to facilitate planetary dictatorship of an unwilling proletariat. Yet maybe it just seems that way.

The preferred alternative of directed economic evolution would have the government setting goals and criteria into law that the private sector would need to comply with in order to do business. Those goals and criteria would be such as low material entropy, increase of ecosphere, no carbon dioxide affluence from production method, etc. The private sector, free enterprise and free markets are better at finding solutions to problems than the government generally. It is also politically more acceptable for the government to just ecospherically regulate rather than to redistribute wealth from the public sector to corporations or to itself for increasing size. 

Public debt is already 21 trillion dollars. The national debt already should be reduced rather than increased.