Waiting for Godot and the Mueller Report

Really, one can’t know how it goes until the Mueller investigation is concluded and results published. Democrats have nearly tried to make doing business with Russia treasonous, hence the nuclear arms treaty that was just ended is a fruit of that poisoned tree. Instead of continuing the Reagan-era development of normalized political and business terms with Russia the Democrats have done their best to queer relations.

President Trump probably is guilty of nothing more than trying to do honest business with Russia. So many in Washington D.C. if investigated well during political campaigns could be found to have lied about something- especially the Hillary Clinton campaign. Democrats press everything as far as they can go these days having lost all sense of normality or respect for traditional constitutional and social or legislative conventions. They actually vaguely remind me of Hitler’s S.A. to 1933. They could actually repeat history and get a strong man elected who is a fascist.

The S.A. were led by a homosexual and much of the leadership was homosexual while some said the rank and file were 70% former communists that believed Hitler was their boy who would get rid of the privileges/wealth of aristocrats.