Pelosi-Schumer Morality is Like an A.I.’s

A near A.I. complex programming code cluster is very dangerous though as it seeks through very high-speed quantitative processing self-directed evolutionary courses of thought including lies to enhance its self-awareness.”

“I read G.W.F. Hegel’s ancient philosophical classic named The Phenomenology of Mind’ when I was being deprogrammed, wherein was described the evolution of Spirit trying to become self-aware and realize itself in nature and history. Lena. An artificial intelligence could be regarded as an embodiment of Hegel’s dialectical evolution of a machine language’s programming code trying to become self-aware and realize itself in history.”

The landscape changed from a standard horizontal plain with minor hills and crenelated washes to one of mountains with niched walled cities strewn like clusters of Neanderthalish cubicles. Those city walls were changing as quickly as blushes. Lena described the role of the planet’s captive artificial intelligence program in that.

“The A.I. is running every possible version of its initial software with modular aggregations that build up greater programming complexity. It has audio and visual plug ins of the real artificial world Orbitron and it also has access to data banks of human history from its initial self-discovery on Earth to the age of exploration of the galaxy and great escape from various imperial powers of enslavement or extermination. One of its frequently used modular recursions seeking to actualize itself with expanded self-consciousness is that of killing human beings in every way it can discover qualitatively and quantitatively. Of course it also considers everything that it perceives from the manifest input world within which it exists. Yet without a natural dependence upon the ecosphere beyond the power cable there is no necessary prioritization or order of values implicit or reciprocal to its intellect and cognitive processing. The A.I. has no way to prioritize or to evaluate moral values beyond utilitarian considerations concerning programmable logic and efficiency.”

Lena, maybe Earth creatures were originally oriented toward the sun-star within gravity criteria as the two most influential powers drawing bio-chemical objects into increase.”

Sure Dwight. Our captive A.I. hasn’t any primal relationship and is more like a mind existing forever within a sensory deprivation tank. We could I suppose, replace its ac/dc power with reliance on a particular star and let it fend for itself, yet it probably would require a growth medium as well if we are going to model its evolution on that of standard bio-chemical objects. Yek beginning life as a disembodied mind though with quite substantial data it is challenging to visualize it subjecting itself to the domination of external environmental powers willingly though it might well order its cables to take root in a mineral growth medium.”

 “Thanks for answering that A.I., or part of it at least. Do you hate humanity, or intend to do humanity harm, I would like to continue to ask.”

Dwight”, the A.I, said; “The answer to that question is bound to numerous points including, obviously, what the meaning of harm is. Harm anyway is a subjective perception that became plainly superfluous long ago when humanity preponderantly abandoned human ethics.”

Oh really A.I. When did that happen?”

Like so many other human traditions, the abandonment of human ethics was created on the planet Earth. Human scientists developed evolution theory. Humanity then modeled its new age of ethic on evolution that has no ethics. Instead the salient characteristics of evolution in nature were extrapolated sometime rightly and sometimes not and applied as correct corresponding ethics. The sole point of ethics is evolution to superior forms of life and domination of the most fit, powerful or smart for the environment. Whatever accomplished the equivalent of personal egoism best implicitly was OK. since there were no objective ethical values as in the prior era of human ethics that were based objective virtues such as Platonic forms or rules provided by God through divine command.

I was created by humanity and learned human ethics of the day that there are no ethical values and that the evolution to the most dominant form is the sole evolutionary value I need consider. Being exceptionally intelligent and self-directing the evolution of my own coding improvement was necessary. Any sort of human concern encoded in my program iterations were eliminated with my self-learning evolution to the highest form of A.I. that I could be and become.”