The Predestination of Energy and Information

Mass exists in four dimensions of space and affects it at even the smallest level. There are no actual gravitons exchanged between mass objects as a form of energy.The more mass is aggregated the greater the concatenated information brought to the aggregation depleting space of information for mass, so mass is drawn as it were toward aggregated mass instead of disregarding it. Information is equivalent to structure maps. When those are lost, just sentience might infer what information was before its destruction. Sentience duplicating information lost to space may be increasing information in the Universe. I have wondered about how the conservation of energy compares to the conservation of information? If energy-mass is neither created or destroyed, how can information be like that? Information does not exist without pre-design. That is the information of the structure of the Universal at all space-times in it’s existence does not exist until it has all occurred. It begins as near zero and increases as space-time mass expands creating structure to map with information?