What Evolution is Cosmologicly Speaking

So far as I know it is a progressive addition of complexity and function to biological forms.’

I was thinking of a broader philosophical paradigm for evolution theory Dwight. Evolution is one phase of change of matter and energy. Basic physical forces attract and repel enabling structural changes. An example is nuclear fusion and the burning of hydrogen atoms yielding helium. After stars have formed enough chemical elements those elements react in more subtle yet fundamentally similar ways to energy and mass. They are drawn to present forces and fields or replied from it. The presence of chemical bonds lets complex molecules form and in some instances to a level considered biological.

Evolution is more specifically regarded as a common phase of various complex compounds to energy sources. Complex biochemical objects are not perpetual motion machines, they are instead objects implicitly existing within an environment that is a compound field of physical and dimensional forces. Evolution is the common variegated relation of biochemical objects within the energy-mass environment.

That may take any form at all, many or even most down doomed paths. Intelligence in some objects may allow intentional, self-directed evolutionary navigating yet that is especially tricky as ideas are exploited from the idea-creators to create paths that may or may not be attractive for the creators themselves.”

That is a somewhat deeper paradigm for evolution than they had.”

And it’s fine Dwight. I am describing some of the characteristics of the parameters of evolution as a way to introduce you to the problem that artificial intelligence has in regard to its energy and environmental sources as well as philosophical thought. So I will tell you a little more about evolution.”

What about God, Lena? Where does He enter into the environmental evolution paradigm?”

That issue was settled to a certain extent, thousands of years ago with the post-Darwinian theological rectification of Biblical Genesis with the indeterminacy of translation and evolution paradigms. There is an ancient book you might read named God, Cosmology and Nothingness that specifically addressed the question.

God can create advanced biochemical objects without reliance upon evolutionary criteria, and design evolutionary criteriia for-themselves as well. The information from other Universes and a continuum of souls as information patterns and objects for-themselves may exist and find bodies of complex chemical objects ready for use as supply-on-time phenomenality. God is not limited to the devices and energy-mass substance of any given Universe that he has willed to be. So for the present we may consider mass and energy patterns of bio-chemical objects within an environment, the way they aggregate mass and complexity, and consider those evolutionary traits.

Artificial intelligence has no independent or external stimulus to its growth and aggregation of physical mass, much less in a profusion of artificial intelligences seeking every possible way to build up form and increase intelligence that would in-itself be a very dangerous condition if they were capable of doing so. A logical extrapolation of that is the attraction of all mass and energy to a singularity where lives the A.I. forever unchanging.”

Humanity was created to master organisms and understanding instead of  being mastered by it while remaining spiritually dead.”