Obamacare Questions Don’t Belong on Income Tax Reporting Forms

Complicating the IRS tax form 1040 with a question about medical coverage is plainly bull. What should be a simple, straightforward process of filling out a tax form is made needlessly complicated with irrelevant questions about medical care. The individuals that decided to do that should be keelhauled for an hour or three. What a bunch of unpatriotic louts would complicate what should be a simple form without extra schedules. Probably the same people that would cut beds for illegals breaking into the U.S.A. and trying to make the defense of the southern border lack any sort of realistic barrier in addition to all of the baloney frills that work only until the electricity fails and that also require agents to go to every electronic blip sighting to have a chance to arrest a theoretical terrorist.

Tax payments are supposed to be about income- not about health questions. It seems prima facie in violation of the constitution at minimum and treasonous more likely. It is a sort of Soviet ingression into plain earnings and tax on earnings, and that tax was only added by Lincoln to finance the civil war, that today should be used to combat individuals and cliques adding bs to form 1040.

There are poor people that only work part of the year, and in different states besides, that cannot easily get medical care much less fill out bs questions that become more convoluted than the usual horse ship about earnings and tax or other income such as five dollars in book royalties or an Alaska Permanent fund check that is not actually a Wall Street dividend.

I guess they want to marginalize the poor so far as to drive them out of filling out a 1040 entirely. Way to go Democrats, you filthy aloof bureaucratic goons!