President Trump and the Noble Pizza Prize

President Trump may win the next Noble Pizza Prize. Reportedly he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize too- that in the view of some is less prestigious.

President Carter won a Nobel for hosting the Begin-Sadat talks at Camp David after Sadat visited the Knesset to ask Jews to allow tourists to see the pyramids in Egypt again instead of Israel. President Obama won the prize for speech-making and policies that got wars started from Libya to Syria. President Trump did nothing more than to get substantive normalization talks going with North Korean Dictator Kim Un where none had since the armistice was signed at the end of the 1950s Korean War. Therefore President Trump may be awarded the Noble Pizza Prize; awards aren’t given for simply trying.

President Obama did restart the cold war with Russia as best as was possible while President Trump wanted to have normal relations with the Eastern savages that can drink vodka from paper cups while Cossack dancing.

President Trump has actually held talks with the Taliban to see if he can get them to stop molesting children or whatever it is they are reported to have done in media articles of past years, in addition to sending suicide bombers to demolish clusters of civilians. There is great potential when one has such partners in peace talks.

President Trump may get a border barrier constructed that is sufficient to slow human trafficking and illegal dope transport into the nation. Border security was the premise of NAFTA to start. Without border control the economics of NAFTA can’t work too well and corruption benefits more. A border barrier that works and NAFTA together may benefit Mexico and the United States even though NAFTA was renamed the USMCA.