Supremists and The Train to Nowhere

There was a question about why the President doesn’t offend white ‘cists and President Trump’s respect for other ethnic traditions.  There were good answers demonstrating his support for Jewish social structures. I should mention though, that the word supremacist seems a little offensive to me.

I seem to recall that in the 1970s the word didn’t exist. The word supremist (or something similar) was used without the cist suffix. I believe it may be some kind of Orwellian spell-checker collusion that enters the word for all those without a sense that it is wrong.

Another word that is out there yet is not too used publically, for it has a double-edged sword aspect of political incorrectness about it, is ‘tard. An abbreviation of retard, tard might well be used politically to describe those so concerned about business that they ignore the decaying ecosphere as an externality to profit.

President Trump may be offensive to left-wing supremacists whom are natural tards for-themselves working degradation of opposition to imperialism of one form or another. Of course, he may not be offensive enough, although why be offensive and use hate speech such as the President frequently gets from the media in form if not in vulgarity?

When the pneumonic and bubonic plagues of the 12th through 14th century killed off 2/3rds of the population of Europe, and in the 16th centuries communicable diseases wiped out an equivalent amount of Americans (about 16 million), the world was in a roiling turmoil of risk and exploration. In my opinion many of the present attitudes arose in that era. I also believe a lot of people have maladroit political-historical thought that inertially continues, deleteriously.

President Trump probably can use whatever votes he can get to accomplish his political agenda. When Democrats (besides FDR and HS Truman) are in the White House, all of the corruption in the harbor rises. When will California repay the billions and billions of dollars it got for the train-to-nowhere? Offending people of any race that are citizens, on the basis of racism would be a good way to lose votes. He is against crime though. If individuals of any race commit crimes he is likely to be against that; regardless of the skin color.