Universal Medicare is Corruption

Socialism is an off the shelf, easy to think about political philosophy for those unable to create anything new philosophically speaking. It is a tired old way to overcome concentrated wealth that hasn’t worked very well, except in a few northern countries with a degree of natural isolation and cold weather. Socialized medicine or insurance would bog the field down as it does individual enterprise in several fields, Socialized actions crush individual initiative. If power generation were socialized the light bulb might yet not exist.

Reforming capitalism and democracy such that it works better in the 21st century would be useful yet few comprehend what is required for that, such as a substantial degree of ecological economic criteria. To deliver quality medical necessities for those that cannot afford it does not require corrupting medicare that was designed for the old, rather, a unification of the Veterans hospital system with walk-in community poor and homeless clinics coupled with fast national tube transport would allow free walk-in service for veterans and those citizens proven to be to poor to pay.

Even in the old west country doctors and neighbors did their best to provide free service for people that needed it. Charity is not the same as megalomaniac universal medicare for all including those that don’t need it because they are filthy rich.

Veterans with several years service should be permitted to use the V.A. Hospital system even if they earn more than $40,000 annually. The system should be solid enough that all veterans could use it as well as poor Americans and those demonstrably ineligible for insurance.