Faster-Than-Light in Earth Orbit or Straightaway?

Usually people speculate about special relativity with people travelling in a straight line. There are fairly simple calculations about that, such as explain time dilation, and mass increasing to infinity as one nears light speed.

Consider for a minute the apparent centrifugal force quantity of solid state mass travelling at the speed of light around the Earth. It’s awesome, and probably would require an external force acting upon the object to keep it in orbit around the Earth as it accelerates to light speed. It might even require an infinite force to contain the infinite mass pushing against it.

Light particles (photons) have no mass (or very low) and can travel as fast as 186,000 miles per second therefor, since with no mass they have nothing to increase. So far as I know photons can’t be added together in some sort of photon-molecule, and they travel within the electro-magnetic field as emergent phenomena.

Mass is different then photons that travel so fast. One might wonder if photons can have differential velocities travelling through curves of space-time fields. If there is a strong electro-magnetic field around the Earth that would allow photons to travel in a circle, there is also a gravitational ‘circle’ associated with the mass of the Earth-planet.

In examples given to illustrate special relativity, people catch an off-planet space-elevator or electro-magnetic mass driver from West Texas beyond the Earth moon system. A special Streetcar Named Desire accelerates nearly to light-speed after the people inside the streetcar are changed into Bose-Einstein condensate held frozen photons. Photons have been slowed experimentally to zero in very cold Bose-Einstein stuff.

The idea would be to convert straphangers into stationary photons, then encase information of the passengers in photon-quantum computer configuration and embed the photon q-bits in the light accelerating Streetcar Named Desire particle beam so the information can travel at the speed of light.

The cold quantum data would be allowed to travel for a few years toward a nearby black hole (the one at the center of the galaxy is 26,000 light years away so information about nearer ones would be necessary) and would be curved back toward Earth in a carefully calculated pass near the event horizon of the black hole. Sure that would be a whipsaw of a turnaround, yet photons may be tough.

When the Streetcar Named Desire slows to a stop in Earth orbit (it received instructions from a particle beam from the moon in its direction ), the people of Earth would be much older, as time slows near the speed of light and also if one is converted into photons within a Bose-Einstein condensate), and the passengers return to an Earth that has aged a lot in comparison to their awareness of time passage, they would be in the future of the Earth; an Earth with most people extirpated in the democide of global atmospheric fossil fuel-greenhouse gassing heating.