Global Domination Diet

Some of us have been trying for some time to persuade politicians to stop dominating foreign entities. Yet bad habits are hard to break without willpower. As you may see from listening to AOC and Speaker Nancy, there is no willpower not to dominate.

Even so, if the United States loses its domination over foreign dominions it may be able once again to find it. Russia, China, Canada and North Korea have been asking the U.S. to quit with the domination however we still install coke machines wherever that’s practical.

Cheeseburgers, coke and ketchup have been tools for global domination for the better part of a century. Ketchup won the Cold War with Soviet Uninionists. Chinese communist leaders tremble at the notion of double cheeseburgers unleashed upon the masses without Chinese partners. Mass tonnage of quality soy beans decimate opposition to vegetarianism in so many nations it is pitiful. India may one day look at cattle as equivalent to so many acres of soy if and only if sanctions cut off their supply and they become socially decadent.

Nationalism is being supplanted by global oligarchs through corporatism with its percentage of socialism built-in to appease and induct hapless masses into dominion. Until oligarchs let global warming extirpate most of the world population while they wait out the storm on Mars; until the desertified Earth is re-watered with comets and ice brought in from space, it is likely the United States will dominate global pizza production to the chagrin of the enemies of Mozzarella and pepperoni.