Twenty-Four Democrats in the 2020 Race So Far and None are Any Good

One must wonder at the Democrat Presidential candidate roster so far. There are 24 announced or with exploratory committees and none seem Presidential.

Criteria for a President should include a few items.

1) Has read the second edition of Ecological Economics by Dailey and Farley

2) Has read The Unconscious Civilization by John Ralston Sauls

3) Served as an officer in any branch of the military

4) Has run two miles in under seven minutes

5) Was born in the U.S.A.

6) Read the Dialogues of Plato

7) Can accurately summarize the constitution of the United States

8) Completed a college course in science and can pass a general science CLEP exam

9) Has good verbal communication skill

10) Isn’t a socialist or member of the communist party

11) Regards U.S. citizenship and political egalitarianism as important enough to secure borders against illegal entrants

12) Is fundamentally color blind in economic policy

That isn’t much to expect. Democrats have a litmus test however that falls short of common sense. They expect a Democrat candidate to have these attributes;

1) Be pro-abortion including infanticide

2) Pro-homosexual and lesbian including homosexual marriage even if that goes against rationality

3) Flood the nation with illegal aliens that might vote Democrat some day and in the meantime will be good cheap labor for feminists and homosexuals-lesbians

4) Pro-corporatism and socialism

5) Not be a straight white male even if they say they support lesbians, homosexual and trans-gender bathroom choice and cross-dressing.

6) Hate Russia except when oligarchs make contributions to your foundation