Conditions for Erasing the Second Amendment

The second amendment and the rest could be abolished anytime with election of the right people. The Democratic House just passed a measure to let illegal aliens vote. Even with google translators the nation could have leaders that don’t give a d___ about the Constitution. The Supreme Court might be appointed with Curlie More and Larry justices to ditto whatever a Divine Dictator of the People decrees. People assume the laws and founding documents cannot be erased, yet they may be one day after some time of just interpreting laws with liberal inventive fiction to mean whatever the zeitgeist of the powerful require.

In the founding era it was nearly impossible for the government to take away guns from homes. Even when the civil war occurred and the south lost, the idea of taking away guns from homes would not have worked for long. Former slaves took up guns to try to assert independence. Today though, mass gun control is possible.

Mass surveillance and concentrated wealth would let the right people on the court and in government remove all firearms. That would be a useful social control tool for a perfected New World Order with just a billion people alive on the planet more or less.

Governments change historically. Documents may change or be replaced. Recall the fake Donation of Constantine. Tribalism is sometimes popular to take political control over vague abstract theories that are out of touch with the crude social reality; people may want a king.

The Democrat Party platform for 2020 seems to be emerging as Anti-Israel, pro-Talib, pro-Omar Mullah, pro-infanticide, anti-Trump, neo-socialist, illegal alien rights of citizenship including voting, anti-capitalism except with socialist government partnership, anti-Google, anti-Facebook, homosexual marriage, anti-Christian, pro radical Islam, pro-dope, anti-fobiya etc.

The nation has no guarantee of security or placid museum quality security.