Misc Roofing Panel Concepts

Roofing shingles that are asphalt absorb heat in the summer and won’t let snow slide off in the winter causing a few roofs to fail. Maybe extra roof snow shoveling works. It seems inefficient.

Why not manufacture a roofing panel that is aluminum for winter with a slate or heat repelling cover in the summer. One would slide over the other and return.

The two-phase roof panel/shingle could be changed electrically or manually. Just an idea.

Some would point out that it would be better to make a good annual slate shingle that resists solar heating yet is still slick enough to let snow slide off. I would agree with that concept myself, If it were lightweight, plastic, fire-resistant and maybe with glue adhesive strips with solar voltaic capability yet tough and long-lasting that would be even better.

I like the idea of roofing panels that change color seasonally or even diurnally like select glasses. Just saying.