Replace Military-Industrial With Military-Environmental Complex

There are a number of ways to evolve a military-environmental complex to replace the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned about in his farewell address to the nation. For one thing, the government can use the carrot to favor contracts with corporations that produce environmentally progressive items as well as weapons of war. The next non-Trump President should intentionally design an evolution toward a military that reinforces ecospheric health instead of just Wall Street big and dirty industries.

Army should know about land, navy the sea and the Air Force, the atmosphere. Each military element should ave a scientific division that learns all one can about the real element. If a President is weak on science and environmentally challenged appointing adverse leadership to head the E.P.A. to stifle it, the military might be able to help take up the slack. It should know what harm is being done to the environment counseled by experts, and structure methods to defend against its predators. While prosecutors and law enforcement agencies can arrest criminals if not able to correct them, the military is an appropriate scale of response to arrest ecospheric decay.

Countless millions of souls vote for politicians that reinforce their employers and large corporations. To change the criterion of reinforcing ecospheric sloppy, indifferent and predatory corporations who keep the military enthralled to their profit interests one must evolve the relationship of employers-corporations doing business with the government to those that are green. Global military that substitute for gutted and too small of scale environmental protection agencies could become protectors of the environment too. The military is intended in the U.S.A. to be of and for the people; not multinational corporations.

There must be numerous ways to drive the tiger of capitalism toward ecospheric conservation activities willingly and in cooperation with a military that values the ecosphere as much as General Thomas did for the union army in surveying battlefields before decimating the ignorant enemy. General Lee did not even know the fine topographic details of Virginia.

Because the billionaire club owns the broadcast media that is so pervasively crooked and racketeering and fundamentally against a healthy environment sustainable for humanity for generations ahead (at least 20), the government needs to work to accentuate the positive of ecospheric rehab and wildlife conservation directly after President Trump leaves offices. Most likely Democrats are good at campaign symbolism and little else besides debauchery legislation, so some independent candidate would probably be the only place to look.