Drakish Venezuelan War Improbabilities

War with Venezuela is improbable. They haven’t attacked us although Venezuela could be using illegal alien communist infiltrators to plunder vulnerable tiny houses in rural regions near the Mexican border, or not.

RT news published an article that said that “we”, and I believe that referred to Americans, are being lied to! It is possible that Michael Cohen has an opinion about the improbable possible Venezuelan War- I am not certain, but it could be that the normally truthful Congress was being lied to, if Reps Waters, Taliban, Cortez etc were fooled. I am not certain that’s the case. No trickery will stand to send marines into dysphoria.

War with Venezuela would be trampy. Venezuelans live there and they aren’t all communists. Some support the Yankee-of-the-South movement for unrestricted internet access with VPNs actually partly socialized by government matching contributions.


Acting Interim President Juan Guido would be America’s President Diem presumably, while President Maduro would be the Hoi Chi Minh figure in the pocket guerrilla war conveniently located for the southern command to mull over.

Because President Maduro cheated on the election and won’t leave office peacefully, some of the military have covertly developed sympathies for what to Maduro is the dark side of the force. It is not certain that U.S. or deniable third country drones with heckfire missiles could distinguish between dark side and red side of the force Venezuelan military staff officers who presumably would be the initial targets in a deniable kinetic action to remove military support for the Maduro Manifesto.

Venezuela is most famous to many Americans for being attacked by Sir Francis Drake and his executive officer Martin Frobisher. It is also known as a country with a high incidence of people with Huntington’s disease. If Mr. Maduro returns to private life and quits the communist oil movement, the Yankee-of-the-South movement may take hold and make Venezuela a good place for retiring Americans to build vacation huts, yet therein is the core of the problem.

After the military advisers have gone and the buzz of drones fades away, will solar power and round architecture bring a new environmental ethic to Venezuela, or will the same old square, stick-frame structures that displace the ecosphere remain?