Viewing the Trump Administration from 2119

I am not sure that viewing the future from an imaginary point of view a century ahead is worth much except for presenting extrapolations of the effects of the present bad and good trends. People a century from now may be less human mentally and physically, while government may be more invasive and wire every soul to a central controller.

In one-hundred years President Trump may be regarded as a sort of global warming Luddite who was reasonably effective on pre-reformed economics. Americans don’t use Celsius much. Average global warming temperatures are predicted to rise 1.5 degrees C by the end of the century and that doesn’t impress them. Scientists point out that the Arctic temperatures will rise by 5 C regardless of what steps are taken to stop human caused greenhouse gassing, and that might concern them a little more. The actual temperature rise in the Arctic is more like 10 degrees if one converts the Celsius rise into Fahrenheit degrees.

Ten degrees of increased warmth will not only make the icecap go away in the summer, it will make permafrost melt that holds as much Greenhouse gas (methane) as mankind releases into the atmosphere. If that happens temperatures will rise a lot more than 1.5 Celsius globally and far more in the Arctic. President Trump may be viewed as having been unable to appreciate the vast empirical threat and move toward directed evolution of free enterprise and capitalism policies toward ecospheric sustainability.

If mankind survives and overcomes ecosphere decline challenges, the decision to renew the manned space program may be to his credit as enterprising off-world ventures may grow in scale quite a lot.

If the national economy collapses because of its inability to pay off public debt and create a more egalitarian social ecosystem with liberty and justice for all citizens, President Trump could be viewed as one of the last of his kind in the lost society. A great symbol amidst a society in moral, financial and ecospheric decay.

Quantum computing scientists have investigated the arrow of time that is inherent in solid state mass (decohered from quantum uncertainty), and actually returned a quantum computer computer state its past state. If the realm of general relativity is with the solid-state, thermodynamic Universe with its arrow of time in one direction (to the future because of entropy and anisotropic complexity, I wonder what the absence of relativistic effect in the quantum realm are? Maybe the past of solid state mass will become as malleable as the present. That could include the present state of politics.[Best of 2018] Researchers prove the arrow of time is irrelevant to quantum computers

Scientists Were Able to Reverse Time, But There’s A Catch