Y Gene Cultures and White Nationalism

I don’t like the term white nationalism that is popular in the corporate media, pejoratively. There are numerous derivative and collateral connotations associated with it as well as assumptions of what remedies and courses for it are. One must also stipulate that it exists as an actual problem or thing for-itself rather than as a fictitious media creation for political and demographic sales purposes.




The term in the United States flows from a continuum of pejorative ideas from the old south before the elimination of convict labor rentals to companies and Jim Crow segregation. With the liberation of non-whites and other poor from the old style exploitation the concept of legal compensation appeared as well as affirmative action politics to compensate those exploited previously. All white culture was regarded as an oppressive class instead of just whites of the old south. All male whites except for the most queer liberals were lumped into the class of oppressors by their opponents. Empirically women boosted themselves up and joined with the progeny of former slaves, children of illegal immigrants and Asians in Affirmative Action and a slew of litigation that compelled equal pay for equal government work.

Eventually straight white males were regarded as being an undeserving insider class of inherited privileges oppressive to affirmative action classes. Support for illegal immigration and any policies that downgraded straight white males so they would be nothing more than proles among equals was accepted as right and proper politics for the left. The grave ecospheric threats that presented including global warming were regarded as arising and continuing because of white corporate activities and culture. The party line went that if women and former minorities were in charge, even with socialism, the result would be a swift return to a decent world where exploitation was gone and nationalism no longer let males wage battles for resources and power over women and non-whites everywhere.

Some extremist white males were traditionalists regarding history and viewed racial life as competition. Such competition has existed for the entire history of human culture and isn’t appropriate for addressing the ecospheric challenges facing all humans on Earth. There are of course additional elements that drive societies, races, cultures and imperial aristocrats to battle or subjugate others that are not gone from the world, even nearly. It is ironic that godless evolutionists only that cannot comprehend how theology could incorporate modern physical cosmology tend to divide society and support wars for religious reasons themselves even from within an antipathetic role.

Another irony is purely biological as those passing on just x genes in the U.S.A. are working to exterminate European-American y gene culture. Y genes do not pass on through women. Historically flooding a land area with external, non original cultural y genes has driven out or exterminated the native y gene culture.

Recently a scientific study found that the y gene culture of Iberia in 4500 b.c.- dark haired and blue-eyed farmers, was extirpated over time by an influx of Eastern Europeans. While the female x gene culture could pass on, it was the foreign origin male y gene culture that replaced the former y gene culture that was more native. A similar process is slowly occurring in the United States, and resistance to y gene cultural genocide is a legitimate basis for white nationalism to exist (besides the reasonable desire to keep the founding culture alive so far a possible).

What kept the aboriginal American y gene culture from being entirely exterminated was segregation on reservations. Cultural segregation is requisite for viable continuity of minority y gene culture amidst a very large majority.

The issue of if a racial group of y genes is better than another, or even significantly different, is far beyond by knowledge. It is unfortunate that such issues arise at a time in history when every culture should be doing better where it is to conserve ecospheric resources and ecospheric health while advancing the quality of human life and the technology. Those are challenges that cannot be well addressed by a drunken like mad bull forward rush by men or women of any culture, as they seek to overcome and dominate any polity where they happened to be. Exploitation is bad for humanity in all its forms.

Nations also support political diversity and experimentation that does not exist in one with a solitary world government. Competition is generally good and productive more so than a large village commune under one dictatorship might allow. White culture in the United States has had some strong points in that it supported liberation of oppressed people it regarded as equal. All men are created equal was a basic political idea regarding worth. That idea is not present invariably in white nationalist approaches. White nationalism also creates fear of immoral forms of white assertion such as that of Nazi Germany, and those are reasonable though not well measured fears today. Those fears tend to drive proletariats in U.S. politics toward extermination of white culture, and white y gene culture, that created the concepts that were presented and actualized during the foundation of the United States.

The strong points of white y gene culture might be science and technology, Christianity and constitutional principles of equality of human worth as individuals. Some of those points are absent from racist y gene culture and non-white y gene and xx cultures. The drive to eliminate any genetic culture isn’t in keeping with the strong points of white y gene culture. A greater irony is that the most strong element- Christian faith, is a gift from God to all people equally.

Complicating the issue are underlying extra motivations by numerous actors to degrade the United States intentionally and unintentionally. Corporations for one, seek more market share and product sales, so expanding sales and consumerism to non-white cultures was a practice of white owned and led corporations. Corporations are also usually protrans-nationalism and work too degrade national sovereignty and political power everywhere. Ads on television are leading agents of social change with interracial couples and homosexuals being placed or featured these days. As in the slavery era of the antebellum south, individuals pursue their own immediate, narrow economic interests before those of culture. Corporations, slavers, political leaders and the most rich still tend to pursue their own immediate self interests and regard cultural issues as externalities.

Nationalism is being morphed by the 1%  super rich owned media to equate to white nationalism and thus terrorism. One media writer seemed to think the President of the United States should work to get rid of nationalism.


That would be too convenient for global corporatism, communism and misc. totalitarians.