Packaging Two-Sex Wombmates Winning for Evo

Two-Sex Wombmates Balance Probably is an Evolutionary Success

Recent reports have shown that female and male twins born together (one male and one female) diminish the abilities of the female twin. Evolution has found a winning formula that doesn’t work so well for modern urban female opinion. The latter would think the female twin should be equal in ability and worldly success.

Male babies mature reproductively later than females, so a more stable social environment is requisite. During tough times more female babies are born. Select male advantages of sharing a womb with a female are interesting, yet the female will find reproduction easy even with lesser ability- maybe- than her brilliant twin brother.

There are likely to be numerous reasons why evolution has structured a slight advantage for male twins over their female womb-mates that will be discovered. It is an irony that what people want isn’t necessarily what evolution and/or God would regard as the best course for human events. What is wisdom to man is foolishness to God.