Sanders, Putin and Warren; Fellow Travelers?

Similar Opinions?

Bernie Sanders on socialism may share some opinions about politics with Russian President Putin. Mr. Putin may be semi-socialist as he goes about reforming Russia with a Super-Presidency invented by Boris Yeltsin. President Putin said that the U.SS.A. isn’t a democracy because of the electoral college. I think he might misunderstand the way the electoral college is representative of formerly independent states that created a Union while keeping some independence in proportional representation, The system keep a heavily populous state like N.Y. or California from taking federal power and ordering everyone’s resources brought to their own.

President Putin should not do as American politicians do, he should try to keep up working on the the good U.S. constitution says; U.S. politicians do not really get it sometimes. Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is for abolishing the electoral college. Hopefully President Putin is not providing collusion with or for either Mr. Sanders or Ms. Putin.

Abolishing the electoral college would allow a dominating federalism elected by a geographic minority to legislate and execute laws diverting rivers to California and natural resources from one state to the minority for disposal. That might be desirable in Russia that has a tradition of strong Moscow centrist rule, yet for the United States centricism and rule by the most populous states would pervasively corrupt what democracy still survives in the corporatist political ecosystem. The national capital could be relocated to New York or Los Angeles, or both seasonally and the government could be run directly by Wall Street-Government partnership.