When Oppophobia Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie

Oppophobia Hits Democrat Fellow Travelers Hard

Fellow travelers of Democratic Party antiphobists such as militant Muslim propagandists have a renewed vigor for increasing Muslim attack on American political inside-lines through the mechanism of opposition to Islamophobia. Islamophobia is a vanguard tool of the renewed post-OPEC annexation of wealth of Middle- Eastern oil fields that brought a formerly arrested civilization to a new age of expansion and attack on the dar al harb (zone of war) through a variety of means.

The western world today is supposed to have a psychological disorder if it aware of history and of Islamic history being that of a rival civilization to the Western (and now Eastern) civilization since its beginning in the 7th century. For a time, after the last Muslims were expelled from Iberia at Granada in 1492, Muslims attacked from Turkey and on a broad Eastern flank with Islamafied former horde cadres of Genghis Khan. As the west prospered and technologically grew the Muslim world stagnated. Hence Arnold Toynbee described Islam as an arrested civilization. However that status change with the billions and billions of dollars of cash from oil sales. Several Muslims terror organizations including state sponsored terrorism began a renewed attack on the west through a variety of means. Some of those had plausible deniability- while the expansion of Madrassas and mosques continued.

In spite of decades of terrorism and even destruction of the world trade center towers in New York the Muslim hegemony on the west through growth of Islamic migrants and communications, propaganda in support of Islam can claim the west has some sort of unhealthy psychological aversion to its culture, Shria (Islamic legal code) and religion. Those interested in the health of civilization would be incompetent if they were not aware of the challenges Islam presents to a decadent morality of the west, synergy with leftist polemics of attack on conservative America, and history of the liberal use of terrorism accompanying the Muslim return to prosperity and internationalism.

The left and Muslim polemicists over-use the pejorative psychological jargon for aversion; phobia. Political opposition is fine. Democrats and fellow travelers have an aversion to opposition; an oppophobia, that makes the truth harder to find and work with as it should in order to invent better social relations that respect cautiously the ways of others. That cannot occur on a one-way street. Democrats need to lose their oppophobia.

There are a lot of variables in politics. Democrats tend to like to mash them all together and say nothing matters. Politicians should address particular variables differently as they should be managed in order to work toward a more optimal line of development rather than an entropic one. Of course it is easier to just be loose and for anything politically because that requires little or no competence.