Updated Application of the Monroe Doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine of 1823 opposed European colonization in the western hemisphere. Military force was used to enforce the doctrine. Today the new application of the doctrine is to not allow eastern hemispheric military activity in the west.

The Eastern hemisphere has wars all the time throughout its history. That hasn’t changed, and keeping the eastern militaries from causing mischief, war and death in the west is a worthwhile use of the Monroe Doctrine that Russia violated recently in sending 100 troops to Venezuela.

The western hemispheric nation just don’t have as many wars or repressive regimes as the eastern hemisphere. That is because all of the nations of the west left the structural problems of the east, except for imperialism and colonialism, in founding anew in the west. The very distance from the structural problems of the east and its millennial old problems enabled revolution from those regimes. Simon Bolivar, George Washington and others led the way to creating new nations that had thrown off their colonial regressors. Russia has been one of the prime violators of the new Monroe Doctrine in the western hemisphere with its history of communist political philosophy and military support for that delusional neo-utopian vision.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been given super-powers constitutionally to administer Russian foreign policy. He lawfully has the power to veto any decision by the Russian government that he deems wrong and injurious to Russia. Yet what if the problem causing injury to Russia is himself? Therein is a serious flaw in the new Russian constitution.

President Putin fundamentally misunderstands the history of the western hemisphere and its progress in liberating itself from the corruption, class and racial supremacy and pervasive evils of the eastern hemisphere. Jesus Christ was the primary good that existed in that hemisphere and he recognized the worldliness as satanic. President Putin needn’t export that satanism to the west and believe he is doing anything besides gangsterism.

Perhaps President Putin was merely sending troops to guard shipments of gold and assets that President Maduro would like to send to Russia before he leaves office. In that case the Monroe Doctrine wasn’t violated in spirit even if in practice. However it appears that President Putin is simply trying to prop up Karl Marx’s corrupt follower and secure itself some turf in the western hemisphere in the bargain. That is a blunder.

China did not violate the spirit of the new Monroe Doctrine principal when it bought control of the Panama Canal. Economic investment is fair dinkum. That was not a military invasion, even if it made the U.S.A. appear somewhat confused or dense regarding its own opportunity to engage the Panamanians with a new contract they would be satisfied with. Maybe the President should have sent George Steinbrenner as his special envoy to negotiate.