What a Soul Is

The soul is what anyone is. It is the identity of the individual. The soul is what God would recreate from nothing to recover an individual from nothing or death. Therefor one might say the soul is information. God has numbered the hairs on everyone’s head. It would be fine to use quantum mechanics to describe a soul. The trouble is that all quanta exist in an unknown, deeper field even than the Higgs. It could be the mind of God. Time exists just in decohered mass; alternatively the quantum realm in-itself is without time. 

Matter is decohered quanta from the realm of all possible locations of quanta. Matter has had its quantum symmetry broken and is stuck together as atoms and molecules in a given form. The form is unstable and changes. Human beings exist in that space-time field in what is called the Universe. Souls aka sentient beings exist in it embedded in the entire mass and energy field of the Universe. God knows what that information is that is a person. He knows when and where it is amidst the infinite number of all possible Universes. Fortunately he is omniscient and knows where and when everything is; since he willed it so.