An Extra Theoretical Parameter for the Universe

Scientists have exploited Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity to develop a theory of expansion of the Universe from a singularity. Lemaitre developed that theory before quantum mechanics was developed very far. Later after Gamow, and then Guth expanded the paradigm adding inflation unto it, Tegmark decided that the entire big bang, inflation, expansion paradigm might be based in pure mathematics. Mathematics led to a theory of mind at the heart of everything with the steady state of matter decohered from the quantum realm with symmetry-breaking enabled with mind.

Sure one may postulate a universal mind that coagulates or precipitates mass in a phenomenal spot that becomes a singularity with clusters of mass and energy forming around it decohered from the perfect ocean of mind. There is a simpler way to approach the subject of how or where mass and energy appear in the Universe from virtually nowhere. One may use the General Theory parameters to describe mechanics of expansion of mass in a gravitational field given a certain endowment of initial energy poshing outward. One may also hypothesize that the quantum realm hasn’t a necessary delimitation restricting it to the singularity position 1 contiguous field of being. Instead it may decohere outside the contiguous field with any topographic geometry (such as a circular) to interact with the initial Universe singularity field mass-energy.

If the all-possible world lines positions of quanta arisen from Universal Mind may enter a Universe mass-energy field at any place according to the designer’s will or intent, it would be understandable that gravity from locations beyond the known mass energy field of Universe1 could draw Universe 1 content toward it at an accelerating pace. Virtual particles decohered from any place might appear like rain soaking through a porous membrane.

Time doesn’t exist in the quantum realm supporting the steady state of decohered mass Universe-clump at all, or if it does, in a one to one relative equivalence. It may enter the Universe forward or backward in the Universe 1 time without concern except for the designer’s, with it’s non-temporal super-positions.

Quantitative meta-structure super-positioned effects interacting from beyond the contiguous, physical Universe may have natural explanations too, though they arise from a mind field or field from an undefined source. It may be possible that quantitative super-positioning may displace 

The quantum realm in its own time/timeless way of change, creating temporary voids. Past Universe 1 expansion events may cause ‘dark energy events’ elsewhen indirectly, because of the voids created in the realm of all possible super-positioning decoherence. Virtual gravity may temporarily present.

It is interesting to think about.