Demos Hope to Promote a Pawn to Queen in 2020

The Democratic Party is running at minimum five female candidates that hope to be promoted from pawns to Queen in winning the 2020 Presidential election. The question arises; who wins if promoting a pawn is the end-in-itself?

Democrats are a party of identity these days without any solid ideas that are worth taking up four years of the public’s time. Not that Republicans have so many, although President Trump has a few solid ideas like getting a moon base going and a man on the moon within five years (via VP Pence). President Trump would deal with the southern border emergency better than a Queen, yet what else has he got?

Democrats have some front ideas about global warming concerns that aren’t well formed or packaged. President Trump believes global warming will save on winter building heating costs if it does occur, of which he is doubtful. Neither party can be relied on for good ideas about transitioning to ecological economics. Democratic candidates are vacuous though they would like to pass major ineffective and expensive legislation of great symbolic value.

Democrats have a brave new world platform of identity politics that has all government workers being safe and secure and the public dependent upon them. It is a kind of softer, gentler, feminist communist party utopia united with Mussolini’Hitler business corporatism. It’s all bad.

Obamacare is bad, invasive and expensive, yet everyone needs health care sometime. Getting rid of it is good, though Republican replacements would be bad ineffective and leave out the poor. My policy of tripling the V.A. system and uniting it with the nation’s homeless clinics to provide free walk-in health care for the poor that are registered and screened by government screening agencies, is actually the least costly and most effective way to deliver health care to those that need it. My policy would require Musk hypertubes connecting cities and homeless clinics nationally so everyone could get to them for free with validated hospital or clinic visit.

It is a fact that non-profit clinic and hospital structures with quality staff (maybe free Medical School for those willing to work ten years in the V.A. system) are the best delivery systems for millions and millions of poor and uninsurable people. Democratic candidates hate a practical idea like it.

Democrats don’t really want to reform the patent system so anyone can afford a patent or manufacture patented inventions after three years of inventor exclusivity (and pay the inventor 10% royalties). Democrats don’t really want to provide incentives to hire those out of work longest, first. Democrats posture much and work for identity politics where qualification for politics is largely no more than being female, queer, transgender or daughter of immigrants. Democratic President candidates reflect the party’s lack of ideas.