Conversion to Christ

I haven’t encountered much discourse with metaphor or analogy for converting to Christ in terms of electricity. Voltage, amps, current, quantity, quality are familiar ideas. God is omnipotent and omniscient. He has created people. Say they are small electrical units or technology that runs on electricity. God is eternal and people aren’t. Like tiny mp3 or mp4 players they run down or die, the electrical power exhausted.

So people need a recharge, yet the entire Universe and hardware in it is temporal. It doesn’t last and the people have original sin making them implicitly prone to breaking down. To live eternally, and the only acceptable way to do so, is with God. God has a much higher power rating though- infinite in fact. For human salvation a conversion is required for people to be acceptable to God. Jesus Christ is the converter and adapter for humanity.

Through the Lord Jesus Christ human beings have a relationship to God. God in the Lord Jesus is able to scale to human voltage and amp requirements without burning them up.

One may step up 12 volt battery power with an 18 volt converter adapter to recharge a laptop computer. Human beings have no sustainable energy for-themselves and require that God through the Lord and Holy Spirit provides their own being, the energy of it, and the conversion and adaption to the Lord in order to experience eternal life with God.