A Logic and Scientific Course for Macro-Engineering Projects Might Be Useful

Colleges and Universities might benefit from establishing critical reasoning and applications of ideas courses that combine logic, scientific method and engineering within an introductory course intended to provide college graduates a realistic way of evaluating their own ideas including political ideas before applying them, or trying to apply them to the real world.

The recent Green New Deal fiasco is an example of a half-baked idea that may have had good intentions (or not if it was a Trojan horse for establishing authoritarian socialism). It should have been written up in a book (there are numerous free publishing methods on line) and peer and publicly reviewed, criticized, improved and of course examined to determine its effects upon society; before ever becoming legislation in Congress.

Something does need to be done to rectify capitalism to the ecospheric degradation challenges of the contemporary planetary condition. Modular, synergetic improvement and upgrades using free enterprise are a preferred course for that. Those seeking to repair the world ecosphere also need to find ways to adapt capitalism and free enterprise to democracy better; that is democracy in-itself irrespective of the ecospheric degradation traditionally has problem with over-concentration of wealth, despotism, oligarchy and so forth. Aristotle wrote about that nearly 2500 years ago. People forget history. Adam Smith’s ideas about capitalism were liberating in their day, reducing the royal monopoly on trade, today preventing global corporatism and plutocracy that degrades individual democratic power in nations is one challenge. The other challenge is preventing the rise of a global socialist autocratic power of an ostensible egalitarian political environment that in fact is nothing more than authoritarianism by and for an elite inner circle.