Border Saltwater Evaporation to Freshwater Security Canal on Border Might Work

People may have forgotten about 9-11 that view illegal entrants to the U.S.A. through rose-colored glasses. With the present illegal entry rate at more than one-hundred thousand monthly the border security people are maxed out, and many Democrats call for abandoning border security altogether and to make it an open border.

With an open border the population of the U.S.A. probably would rise to one-bililon within a decade. A semblance of democracy and ecospheric restoration in the nation would be lost. Taxation to create new infrastructure would take a great leap forward. The overall intellect of the boy politic would decrease amidst the chaos, confusion, crime and a myriad of stresses to the system and individuals.

Democrats may be living in a 19th century though paradigm on borders such that they should be open and open ranges able to absorb the teaming masses are unlimited. There is something unrealistic in their desire that makes some wonder if they are disingenuous in referencing anti-global warming measures as a Democrat legislative goal, since the New Green Deal had a minimum income and medicare for all measure that would attract maybe two billion people to utilize that opportunity.

President Trump should use the military to secure the border until a good security barrier using solar-pumped up saltwater can be desalinated in a security canal with berms and fence. The canals would have thin-film lids that would capture evaporation and condense it making millions of gallons of fresh water for local agriculture on both sides of the border.