Create Sex Accusations Review Board for 2020 Presidential Election

Former VP Biden’s recent accusations of inappropriate sex contacts by two women show the need for a formal review process for sex accusations made during a Presidential campaign–a standing board for investigation, that can be applied whenever those things arise should be established. The committee should wrap up its work two months before the election.

The Investigations group could have a scoreboard for each candidate to keep track of the number and kind of incidents that are reported. Actually it might serve as a way to compare candidates in various ways, including false accusations.

Accusations true and false and fake news are credited with influencing elections. With the regards so great the temptations arise. Ad hoc processing of accusations are sometimes slow or untimely and are feed for media frenzy that sways elections even when candidates are completely innocent. Accusations that Russians are taking out too many Facebook ads reinforcing trends favorable to there interests, or believed to be favorable are another issue that has been used to influence elections even if they are unimportant instances of influence. The elections investigation committee should perhaps look at that sort of thing too, although not exclusively, simply to determine if it has substance to it in a timely manner.