Direct Gov Health Care for the Poor Eliminates Fraud, Overruns

A US Gov direct provisioning of health care for the poor and uninsurable would eliminate the fraud and superfluous charges permeating Obamacare and Medicaid. When a dull, insipid government imagine that corporate insurance for all is an efficient or cost effective way to provide health insurance to the poor and uninsurable they are quite spaced.

President Trump should take seriously the idea of a constellation of V.A. and poor person’s community clinics as well as volunteer hospitals networked and connected by Musk hypertubes from rural areas (those getting a V.A. sticker validated would ride free) as a replacement for Obamacare. A pure government non-profit treating patients screened by a government status verification and referral agency is simply the best way to cover people realistically. It would also create a large networked system for emergency mass disaster services.

Double and triple billing, addition of unneeded services, hypochondria; there are many ways the middleman private insurance to hospitals and physicians runs up the cost of Obamacare and Medicaid. The idea may be that socialism is avoided by using inefficient means of delivering healthcare, and that is not correct. In fact even the Congress fails to understand the economic philosophy of Adam Smith or capitalism very well, and neither do they understand democracy well enough to know that it is perfectly fine to set reasonable tax rates upon the very rich to prevent them from owning everything through shared financial networks and stocks.

The Congress is remarkably daft these days, although that’s the fault of Democrats principally. People are concerned about them.