Newer Green Deal Module 1

The idea of using cryogenic liquid hydrogen to enable superconducting power lines within across the nation was advanced in 2006 and 2007.

It was and is a good idea that could serve as the first module of a national infrastructure upgrade toward a low-carbon sustainable economy.

Besides moving energy cross country with low loss of electrons, the technology could be adapted to charge electric vehicles that draw power from the line indirectly.  As a first step three systems could be built in the meridian of select freeways on both coasts (Interstates 5 and 95) and Interstate 10 across the south. That would allow millions of new electric car owners to draw power while traveling and reduce gross greenhouse gas emissions. Even a practical Newer Green Deal political program would encounter significant obstacles. Yet after accomplishing one step toward a cleaner, faster, upgraded green economy, another might be taken.

Democrat politicians have the reputation of exploiting ecospheric ideas for election reasons yet falling short of doing solid work. A particular, specific, material objective that can be objectively evaluated and quantified is a better way to move legislation through Congress than general, vague, pass it to see what we can spend on whatever kinds of legislation.