Joe Biden- Three Time Loser for Demo Pres Nomination

Former Vice President Joe Biden never could win a party Presidential nomination. So he saw his big chance with the favorite prince of darkness candidate Barrack Hussein Obama and took it. He made a public remark that Mr. Obama didn’t smell bad, like some blacks, and his future as Mr. Obama’s running mate was set. Together they made homosexual marriage a sin sacrament of the Democratic Party. Rev. Al Sharpton said that he took a shower every day. So much for water conservation.

Former Senator Joe Biden has been running for the White House forever it seems. In his first run at the office he was accused of plagiarizing speeches. In 1984, 1988 and 2008 Joe Biden ran for the White House. 2020 may be the fourth try and it isn’t at all certain that he will win the party nomination this time either.

There may be a Blind Mole award for politicians that require touch instead of abstract reasoning to get a political agenda set. It could be compared to a blind as a bat echo location political response award system for those denying global warming and the mass extinction of life on Earth in progress while returning profits from dark pools and clever trading swaps.

No one knows what Senator Biden could do in the White House that would improve the nation. Mostly his agenda is about improving himself- with whatever it takes.

Maybe the Gettysburg address punched up a little will work to grease the skids.