Conservative Female Muslims Against Abortion, Homosexuality, Dope, Socialism etc in Congress?

It is something of a paradox that U.S. Representatives against abortion, homosexual marriage and ostensibly at least, something else that some people do, should be elected as Democrats. If a white, straight male were to run with anti-abortion, anti-homosexual marriage planks he very likely wouldn’t finish first in a Democratic primary. So what is the secret ingredient that got the two Muslims elected you might ask. The answer is simple; they are women.

Running with a non-Christian, foreign-centered religion is popular with godless, pro-abortion, pro-dope, pro-homosexual marriage, neo-socialist Democrat Party voters. It is probable that Reps Tlaib and Omar, that may be regarded as the Twin Towers of Islam in America, are also against legal dope. Of course they could have practiced Taqiyya to fool trubes in the Dar al Harb . Alternatively they might actually be pro-dope, pro-homosexual/lesbian, evolving pro-abortion Muslims.

For some political observers the Twin Towers should be regarded as conservatives. To Democrats they are liberals perhaps for being anti-establishment, anti-insider. So were Osama Bin Ladin and Khalid Sheikh Mohammad.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in 2001.jpg
FBI image of KSM

Democrats evidently would like to establish a strong Islamic base in the U.S.A. as an opposition group to insiders. It is possible that Mormons could innovate some sort of requirement that worships bow toward Salt Lake City twice a day in order to upgrade their competition with those genuflecting toward Mecca. Academia in America prefers the Asian religions since they believe the yin-yang of things avoids conflict. Day and night may not be in conflict however they are mutually exclusive except within twilight zones.

Democrats seem fundamentally confused and contradictory regard several key party positions and approaches to foreign and domestic policy. Asian religious criteria would require them to harmonize things a little better and that would be in fundamental contradiction to heir implicit predilection for conflict under the key example of Marxist dialectical clash/clash/synthesis.

Maybe the internal Muslim proletariat will start being converted to Republicanism and stand more clearly in opposition to socialism; they general have in the Middle East.

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