Communists of China Target S. America for Takeover

President Trump should add sanction on Chinese trade with more punitive tariffs until it quits fomenting communist tyranny in Venezuela. The Chinese government feels free to send money and guns anyplace it likes in the Western hemisphere while it expands in the South China Sea to intimidate its neighbors.

It is bad policy to let the Chinese prop up corruption wherever they like globally with their new wealth in large part a result of investment from western tech production corporations. Chinese aggression globally is an emerging problem that should be remedied as soon as possible in order to form a stable protocol regarding the communist expansionist policy comprising a Troskyite renewal through socialist leverage.

The Chinese may seek to establish elite special forces bases or missiles in Venezuela to attack the U.S.A. from its soft underbelly.

While the western hemisphere is not perfect it has done well to keep communist aggression from fomenting wars except in central America, for most of its history. The Communist movement of Asia has sought to expand for more than a century and is nothing but evil.

China can use its new money gained from partnership and insight from western business to expand into South America to fertilized it for Chinese leverage on the locals. The United States is regarded as the main player it wants to bump off to move in solidly. South America, being rather divided, might be targeted individually for Chinese takeover through loans and debt.