Evolution and Inherent Moral Traits?

Education eytmologically means to lead https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/en:educo#Latin

Humans are social animals. Heterosexual reproduction requires them to be so, and to change or evolve. Human freedom in the paradigm of the blind quantum computer designer restricts them to certain degrees of freedom and ranges of motion and behavior. It is a problem of the criterion of existence.

Social morality is an ossified praxis (Sartre) existing within a cultural continuum. Like the increase of mathematics with time, morality adds new moral constructs. Morality is what people in  a society actually do. It has nominal rather than Platonic universal characteristics, yet it is of a semi-rigid disposition. That is, some moral values continue and others change.

Human beings since the fall from non-temporal grace in the garden after they ate from the tree of knowledge and learned orchard cultivation, were condemned to a temporal universe with  energy and entropy. Human society and social morality largely evolved within that criterion sometime between 200,000 B.C. and 20,000 B.C. when they became self-aware enough to clothe themselves, invent weapons to kill their brothers etc.

The human capacity to think and invent is great. If their life spans were not fairly short they might evolve to become little gods and really get lost morally over the eons of time. In fact they might discover some way to slip beyond time into the realm of the Grand Quantum Computer Designer Spirit-Mind, or at least his outer court, in a state of total sloppiness, crudity and disorderliness wanting to take over.

There are innate behavioral human traits that are based in the biophysical field phenomenality of energy input requisites for being within the steady-state quantum field of the Universe. Human reason however has great liberty for thought. Humans that are spiritually revived are in the world yet not of it- at least those saved through the grace of God and His Son Jesus Christ.