Like Reasons Why President Trump Will Be Re-Elected

 President Trump’s re-election may be surprisingly easy because he need only run against Democrats. The Democrat Party these days lacks credibility and good ideas. The Democrats are a party of deceit now. Consider Barrack Obama’s record as a candidate versus his job performance.

He never said he would push for homosexual marriage. Neither did he say that he would make the Bush tax cuts permanent and assure that 99% of Democrats voted for that. If those were in his campaign message he might have lost to Sen. McCain.

During the Obama years the Democrat Party led the way in getting rid of bi-partisan cooperation even a little, by using the nuclear option to pass legislation and judicial appointments with just a one-vote majority. They demonstrated they would simply force anything they could on the public though the majority were initially against it (before the leftist broadcast media cooked public opinion polls for them).

President Obama never said he would encourage wars across then Middle East from Libya to Syria as a candidate. Instead he seemed like a peace candidate and the Nobel Committee rashly awarded him a peace prize for doing nothing.

The Democrat Party has become one of personalities and people without tech concepts for reform and change. They simply want their identity-politics membership to have power and positions without any real concepts about what the nation might need objectively to improve infrastructure or to reform capitalism. The Democrats seem to just want to make the establishment themselves and would be content with that.

Bill Clinton when President deregulated Wall Street sufficiently to let the foundation of the 2008 financial and home mortgage crisis be laid he also allowed the 9–11 people to learn how to fly in the U.S.A. President Clinton ignored common sense and took away historical parts of Russia from Russia in pressing and advantage that set the course for global destabilization and a renewal of cold war and potential nuclear conflict. That wasn’t helpful and to this day Democrats seem to hate Russia because it gave up communism for capitalism and democracy.

Democrats seem to waste public time without having their oars in the water. The Obamacare policy just forced the Nixon health care plan on everyone as well as taxes. The will to give Medicare to everyone including illegal aliens is a Democrat goal because they are daft and intellectually uncreative. There are cheaper ways to provide direct free health care to the nations poor and/or uninsurable they would not consider because they do not seek efficiency at all. They seem to have drank the Reagan supply-side economic theory to the point of willingness to add 93 trillion dollars to the 21 trillion dollar public debt.

Sure the nation and world needs to be saved from old-style economic methods of consuming the ecosphere instead of conserving and synergizing with it, yet the Democrats are clueless about that. The founder of the Gaia Theory James Lovelock (he also proved the ozone hole existed) said to quit trying to save the world because its too late already. People are like thoughtless hive ants that work together yet aren’t concerned about abstract scientific things; they just go about work and classical economics.

So I believe that people should modernize economic structure to sustainable ecological economics and look at the nation anew (Democrats are happy to have open borders so more ants can arrive to vote for them). Instead of regular rectilinear building people should build hollow mountain ranges where millions would live. The outdoors would be recovered for wildlife and wilderness and people would travel through it in Muskian hyper-tubes at 1000 m.p.h. while locally there would be minimal and necessary electric vehicle traffic. Most roads would be removed and recovered fro wilderness.

It is possible that animals in the wild and oceans by flourish could accelerate the recovery of the ecosphere. In bare rock northern island animal have transformed them into verdant places full of life, naturally. They might do the same across the nation if we allowed them to.

Industry would need to be centralized in safe special zoned mountain ranges. Science and tech would need to build, as well as the moon and Mars colonies to keep some people alive to repopulate the Earth if most of the people die from ecospheric catastrophe. One never knows if discoveries from people off-world might not develop to save the world from its own self-destruction.

President Trump is not the great ecological economic leader the nation could use today, yet neither are the Democrats. They are more spoilers that just want to get themselves in office and feel good about it. While Democrats are dissimulators, President Trump is quite honest and non-deceptive in his policies. He does what he says he will in campaigns or at least tries too.

Sure he uses self-enhancing dissimulations in the social discourse sometimes. Yet that is more about methods or ethics or in reply to accusations or dissimulations. It is not about the substance of his policies, what they are or will be. President Trump is a straight shooter rather than a soft-spoken deceiver/sophist.

Neither Republicans or Democrats are worth a damn on ecospheric realism. Neither faces up to what is needed to keep the world alive. It is more than global warming that need be fixed- far more. Neither does either party have any idea of how to reform capitalism so it serves environmental recovery. They can’t make a single practical sacrifice or reform to make tech ideas enter general use faster and non-exclusively when they might help repair the ecosphere (reduce patent exclusivity to 3 years with 10% royalties to the inventor thereafter).

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