AOC- ‘No Country for Old Joe’

Maybe former V.P. Joe Biden is a tired old guy in a No Country for Old Men scenario regarding his desire to be President. There is something to be said for young, clueless leadership that F’s it all up yet makes voters feel good about it.

Medicare for everyone including Warren Buffet and Bill gates could through a lot of cash for future generations to deal with. It would expand the base and amount of money going into the program to provide rich quality treatment for the aged. Turbo-Obamacare instead of rational direct provision of medical services directly to the poor and uninsurable through an expanded V.A. and homeless clinics network. There is no cheaper way, and if the public is paying for it, the best and most efficient coverage is what should be selected. Bernie and Biden have not got the public’s best interests in mind- they want to through more business to Wall Street and the 1% with Obamacare continuing. Taxing the poor and middle class for Medicare forced on everyone-even those that are young, healthy and sometimes clueless when they are in political office might be necessary to pay for it. Lots of room for fraudulent Medicare charge scams.

One would like a well-educated politicians from the Democrat side to at least provide intellectual competition. That won’t happen though. The young and the restless democrats are mostly an identity party of women, homos and non-whites these days. Charisma matters more than good ideas. maybe Joe and Bernie don’t have it. I could at least emulate Bernie cover-the-baldness hairstyle if he was elected. Comb it forward and have lots of Hollywood stars over to admire that.

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Garrison Clifford Gibson

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