Notre Dame Fire Brings Design Revival Opportunities

The bright spot in the darkness of the Notre Dame cathedral fire is the opportunity to redesign the Paris skyline. Yes much of the remaining old stone structure should remain as a depositional layer of history. The remainder should be new soaring into the sky like an Antonio Gaudi-Salvador Dali steel and glass sort of practical construct that captures solar and wind power.

Should the New Notre Dame have green lasers in the spire, or make the spire a very modern radio or solar telescope? What about the camera obscura within a dome showing the sky outside? Should fiber optics bring natural light within?

Instead of bell chimes maybe a vast Aeolian wind harp that can be dampened and played to not disturb Parisians too much would work. It is good when opportunity presents. Perhaps the Bible could run live through exterior l.e.d. and solar building panels in some areas of the new construction, for people to see.