The Problem of Priestly and Educator Sex Pedophiles

Homosexual pedophiles may infiltrate churches intentionally. I believe that school instructors of kids have a percent that perpetrate pedophilia too with countless examples of statutory rape crimes globally. It is a human problem that Christians too should work to eliminate. 

Homosexuals have taken over some denominational doctrine. There are academics that teach morality these days with very loose ideas about sexuality. Some want to model morality on values that Bonobo-chimps have of less violence in comparison to chimpanzees. Broad is the road to destruction and many there are that take it while narrow is the gate to salvation.

Christians are individuals and saved individually. The world is corrupt and there are corrupt people within any organization including ordained ministries. That is plain. Many are lost and confused by the advanced evolutionary doctrine that is pervasive in public schools. I learned evolution science and Christianity at the same time and so look at the Bible differently than either fundamentalists or scientific atheists. Entertainment media is basically anti-Christian and provides unChristian values.

I have felt that getting the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ to the people has had various forms that harmonized with the technology and social reality of the era. While one might wish for Christian leadership to have better than normal behavioral characteristics, sometimes they don’t regarding moral behavior. In prior era the sacerdotal priesthood (celibacy) was easier than today with the pervasive temptations as common secular reality.

Human society has not always been developed along rational, orderly, egalitarian lines. Christian values tend to be counter-cyclical to worldly values, so Christians want their leaders to be good moral examples. Yet the teachings of Christ aren’t simple to follow.

Today there are many corrupt versions of Christianity. Homosexual clergy are permitted in some denominations. One may buy a marriage licence as an ordained minister from a Washington State order on-line shop for $19.95 or so. Genuine Christianity, in short, is increasingly difficult to differentiate from that which is not.

I think it would help if a priesthood of believers order were formed where all Christians literally are priests and participate as confessing Christians in personal church services in Sunday. Good theological and doctrinal dogma could still be produced by scholastic Christians that follow the Bible so ordinary Christians could share an orthodoxy in performing church offices o Sunday liturgy. If Christianity is voluntary and non-profit, and if people participate freely as confessing members, then there should be little reason to lie in public every Sunday, and one should develop better Christian spiritual awareness during the week.

I believe that present church structures with upper class pro Christians and lower class ‘laity’ is out of step with the times of Universal liturgy. Christians no longer require special clergy to read from the Bible in Latin as they sit in pews.

When churches seem oriented toward assuring support for career Christians and the ‘laity’ walk or drive away in cars to resume their secular lives. When they don’t share small groups speaking roles and know they are primary Christians, a lot of stuff can go on within and without a church. I have written about that elsewhere.

Christianity certainly is experiencing several contemporary crisis. I can’t fix it, nor can I fix several other secular problems. That leaves one dissatisfied. One hopes some time things can get better.