A Marshall Plan for El Salvador With U.S. Army?

Does El Salvador need U.S. military to establish martial law, eliminate MS-13 and build a just and verdant society? El Salvador’s criminal enterprises and drug distribution infrastructure have established sufficient civil terror to drive civilians north to the United States creating more problems here. The U.S. provided military aid to El Salvador in the battle against communist guerrillas; it should help fill the civil vacuum of power and development that followed the civil war and return of gang members from Los Angeles.

A Marshall Plan for Europe helped rebuild that devastated sub-continent. Political leaders were wise enough to know that politics abhors a vacuum. Americans should not feel they can just ignore Central American problems and pursue their own prosperity without any consequences. Communist evil an authoritarian killers may envelop the Western Hemisphere trying to defeat the U.S.A. in detail.

Sending money to El Salvador that would filter out to the gangs eventually isn’t a good idea. Some in California might wish to send money to beef up right-wing death squads whom could attack MS-13 as a rival organization to power. That doesn’t seem like a good idea.

If the United States allows disorder and poverty to continue in El Salvador with a non-interventionist policy it is likely that droves of illegal aliens will continue to migrate to the U.S. along with gang members and illegal drug traffickers. China is investing in Venezuela and Panama seeking opportunities to build of communist and socialist infrastructure. Chinese agents may support or encourage criminal gangs in Central America eventually as a way to establish more power for-themselves as they seek to make South America the Chinese back yard.

After the end of the Cold War a policy of ignoring Central American politics to let chaos and crime flourish is backsliding, as were the importunate policies that helped develop enmity with Russia. While the Democrats are a party that seems anti-American and pro-socialist/communist irrationally these days, the Bonobo morality clan political drift will not encourage peaceful civil development in Central America. Non-intervention except for cash payments is irresponsible. Of course the President of El Salvador and the rest of the government should need to request U.S. troop presence; perhaps 20,000, with Army engineers and top economic advisers to attempt to build a sustainably green economic infrastructure for El Salvador.