Broadcast Media and Press Quality May Be Globally in Decline

The quality of the free press may be declining globally. Globalism has transformed the broadcast media too. It seems more to have conformed into being a tool of the rich that hoodwink the poor and middle class.

The persecution of President Donald Trump confirmed in the no-meat Mueller Report was a dog and pony show to give Democrat Party greyhounds something to chase after. The Congress seems unable to reason well, and Democrats in particular seem treasonous in their preferences for foreign illegal aliens over secure American borders quite in keeping with globalist corporate CEO’s that might enjoy downgrading uppity American individualists. The 1% owns the broadcast media.

Throughout history ruling classes have employed the press and broadcast media more recently to socialize, brainwash and control the public. The press in a plurality of instances is an opiate for the masses. Americans have opioids, The Washington Post, CNN etc.

Academias in their rush to embrace godless atheist politics have sought after a grip on the wealthiest as well. The Democrat President Obama signed off on vast Bush II tax cuts to make the rich richer than their wildest dreams. He had only to allow the cuts to expire for a semblance of fairness to return. The Congress does nothing to reform free enterprise or bring about a more egalitarian national income allocation. They avoid legislating anything that would reduce patent exclusivity and allow anyone to manufacture a patented item after three years with 10% royalties due the inventor by users that manufacture the product. Democrats won’t secure borders and instead seek divisive political times for years and years that distract from any questions concerning national income and the concentration of wealth. They have trained Americans to think that race, perversion and gender are more important than finance and income distribution for Americans based solely on economic class. 

The media has aided and abetted in the corruption of supply-side economic policy going on beyond the Reagan years with their distracting cult-of-personalities approach to governance. The press has become co-opted by the powers that own them. Ruling by cash or coercion the ruling powers have their way.