HES (Human Economic Structure) Virus has Several Ecosphere Symptoms

It is remarkable how people avoid facing up to the fact that human economic and living zoning and operations infrastructure evolved in anti-ecospheric health paradigms are the problem, and the problem can’t be fixed  with just large scale geoengineering items that let unsustainable economic practice continue.


Business insider’s article is a good example of off the mark big schemes that ignore the requisite transformation through redesign of human living and economic practices. Change would bother business.

Global warming is not the only problem. It is a symptom of the problem. Several fatal ecosphere illnesses are caused by the maladapted human economic structure  (HES) virus.

I suggest that the Congress create a permanent committee that studies and finds remedies to particular ecosphere problems that are a result of maladaptive HES. Solutions require more than just a single bill to reverse the tide like a King Canute order. Sustainable economics also known as the discipline of ecological economics requires changes in hundreds of areas from living to industry and business practices and zoning. The optimal ways to bring about even a few changes with the minimum of economic harm while economic transition is occurring should be a study and actions taken by Congress on a lasting basis. It is not a one-off fix-all bill.