Reducing Public Debt While Defending Ecosphere

President Trump can try to slow growth of U.S. Gov debt and that’s about it. It was nearly 21 trillion when he took office. It’s passed 22 trillion now.

Because of supply side economics carried to a ludicrous extreme the Congress and politicians aren’t very serious about reducing the debt. They aren’t reformers either.

Discontinuing highly entropic economic structures deleterious to ecospheric health would provide macro-structural tax reform policies as well that could likely reduce the public debt.

I have some ideas about the Congress at least starting a Committee on finding remedies for HES virus (Human Economic Structure virus) that is causing the breakdown of the historical health of the ecosphere. There is a Ways and Means Committee and Intelligence etc, yet nothing about the ecospheric problems the evolved form of the human economy has inflicted on the world ecosphere. The new Congressional Committee should study the problem and find ways to accomplish reform of HES to a sustainable and non-ecospherically fatal form. It would look for anti-HES virus policies that could be legislated. It would be like Congress studying for a cure for cancer. Journey of thousand mile begin with single step.

With the need for wholesale economic policy reform evident and lacking from either party the prospects for reform and reduction of the Federal deficit are problematic and penultimate to addressing the larger question of human survival on Earth. Global warming is just a symptom (although potentially fatal) of the human economic structural attack on the health of the global ecosphere. It can be corrected yet a start need be made by Congress to address the entire problem a piece at a time.