Leftist Media Moral Conditioning vs. God

Atheism is in conflict with reason too. The left seem to require a godless social zeitgeist in order to lever lax moral preferences into law. Academic elites tend to be narrowly specialized in their fields and simply aren’t philosophical enough or theologically well read to comprehend much. When they enter areas of philosophy and theology I am reminded of idiot-savants. Intellectual reduction of morality concepts to sound-bite sized nuggets of pure secular sensualist narrative make dismissal of areas of thought that require time and wisdom to learn about, effortless.

I believe that God evolved the Universe. Original sin is entropy. Adam and Eve may represent many things, yet Genesis is about several time lines running concurrently. Adamas means brown dirt. Most of Mesopotamia may have been covered by a post-Wisconsin Ice age flood. Saudi Arabia once was like a Garden of Eden. The tree of knowledge; i.e. cultivating apple trees to make apples grow larger, let human culture evolve, after it learned the difference between good and evil, realizing they were naked, unlike animals like chimpanzees. Cultivation-represented by Cain the Smithy, killed his brother Abel. Adam and Eve were test cases in a timeless state, or representative of human society of the day. They were cast out into a pre-existing human populated world. God said that if he let them stay in the timeless state while morally fallen they would have ate of the tree of eternal life. Humans are working on that technology to this day.

I will proceed with a regular critical evaluation of some trends, before writing a url for my free ebook on some of the issues about interpreting the Bible and science. Most people are wrong presently, unfortunately. In God, Cosmology and Nothingness I explain a few items on the topic I have made synthetically.

I appreciated Dr. Pizzaro’s provisioning of experiments finding a correlation between pro-hygiene signs and subject responses of disgust to select collateral test items. That in part explains the left-leaning broadcast media’s lax loose moral content and reduction of levels of disgust in a nation they have tried to corrupt with leftist standards.

The wish to define morality in a kind of assembler language founded on evolution is questionable. Morality may have been refounded on logic and intelligent selection of ideas of good and bad and not an elaborate continuation of primitive, base innate behavior. Morality may be more than behavioral responses common and mass produced.

Mass production of cloned social behaviors that are easily regulated with the skill of moving cattle through gates or consumers through McDonald’s ques hasn’t an antipathetic relation to moral paradigmata that are simplified and reduced to purification, harm etc. The interpretation of human behavior patterns or responses to common empirical or external challenges can vary quite much obviously, even so reduction to concrete causal criteria may be statistically determined, yet reliant on a definition of morality as what people actually do.

I am not sure at all that I would be willing to concede a point that morality is limited to what people actually do, and certainly not stipulate the point that politics are based on morality, or that politics are moral at all. If political platforms are irrelevant to human species survival, maybe they are predominately stupid.

It seems wrong to gratuitously reinforce moral paradigmata that benefit an advantaged social class. Human neo-infanticide; abortion, homosexuality, concentration of wealth too far, Human Economic Structure virus increase that attacks ecospheric health and vitality are part of historical liberalism. Human behaviors themselves may have deeper explanations that simian cultural origins or similarities to similar empirical challenges. Haplogroup X gene distribution and additional genetic factors may have embedded behavioral characteristics that today are individual specific rather than homo sapiens sapiens genus-wide universal behavioral traits. Mass society may repress individual traits with universalized mass behavioral conformity with liberal mass-distributed pressure. That communist destruction of individual free actualization of life is evil.

Because people are so comfortable in prosperous classes of the United States, they will to jettison moral conservatism to indulge their wealthy desires more deeply. There is a belief that no harm can occur except through those opposed to moral laxness. yet like delayed gratification there may be delayed mass social harm for practices such as homosexuality and abortion that are evolutionarily wrong. In the modern world women with good security and sexual conservatism would have little need for abortion even to arise as a concern.

It is quite possible that the good advice of God on moral behavior were given to direct humanity not to miss the mark of life presentable for eternity. Human life is like a blade of grass that is here for a day and gone. God has the information that was a human soul, and that information is never lost. Information is conserved by God for eternity. Because he is omniscient it is never created or destroyed; simply foreknown. Thus people have two destination; with God in the Lord Jesus Christ whom God sees instead of human sin with the original sin of entropy, or two; eternity without God and the eternal suffering of the damned left only to their own devices.

I have made a book of some of my own ideas regarding eve’s revolution and theology (free to download) to reconcile evolution and theology with a little more calm reflection on serious topics. People so often deeply err.