Why Homosexual Marriage Is Wrong

Homosexuals don’t marry. Technically marriage is the union of genes within continuing personal association. Homosexual marriage is a lie forced on the people by corrupt media and government.

Homosexual marriage is an urban phenomenon. In an urban social environment with people that are prosperous and lacking faith, using alcohol and drugs, a swinish lack of moral constraints supports homosexual activity. The 1% like that dopish swinishishness because it promotes consumerism.

Homosexual marriage is a sin; sin is behavior missing the mark of health and decency unto the plan of God for mankind. As an American with a constitution supporting individual rights and liberties a citizen should support the right of individuals to regulate their own behavior at home. That is, in my opinion there should be no legal penalties on sexual behavior not involving minors or force in privacy. Homosexual marriage was however a mindless corruption of the moral sensibilities of tens of millions of Americans, and an issue that was entirely avoidable, for homosexuals had the opportunity to create a new institution ensnaring themselves in legal encumbrances if they wanted, without expropriating a sane institution that had existed as long as human society. In some societies such as England the institution of marriage rights changed historically (not the homosexual lie) to give women and children better protections against harm.

Only in a spoilt society that has atheistically abandoned faith in God because of infatuation with evolution so far as to stop critical thinking about God, the Universe or Multiverse and what omnipotent and omniscient being means in relation to a quantum Universe, field phenomena and do forth, could homosexual marriage establishment equivocating heterosexual and homosexual relations occur. The rich and powerful desire to get rid of families in order to better convert people into unthinking consumer swine, and what better way in an overpopulated Earth that only the rich may survive in the impending ecospheric doom, is there than to allow opiod and illegal drugs of sundry kinds with as much liberty as needed in laws to allow corruption of individual character and responsibility.

It might have worked if homosexuals had left marriage alone and demanded something like a law establishing legal homo-coupling (or whatever nomenclature was selected) and not divided the electorate permanently as the 1% sought. It was not reasonable to pour new wine into old wine skins, nor to corrupt the body politic as deeply and lastingly as has occurred.

I will not soon forget the winter in Anchorage where I slept on the ground in a tent, broke, drinking ice-water kept from freezing by keeping it under sleeping bags on the ground, with ice crystals five inches thick on the ceiling, after Helium.com (since vanished) cut off my $200 monthly income as a writer peer rated in the top 5% on Christmas Eve (banned) for occasionally using terms unliked by homosexuals amidst hundreds of articles on a number of different topics. The insiders were cold-blooded in promoting homosexual marriage and letting others perish of pneumonia if they could (it takes maybe ten years to get over that completely).

The rich and their mouthpieces will of course blow smoke up the asses of young leftists in order to develop their acquiescence in corruption and degradation of traditional America. It’s destruction is required in order that a new economic structure can be established- dopey, happy sardines in a can, virtually in reality.0 UpvotesReply