Retarded Muslim Suicide Bombers Hit Churches in Sri Lanka

Muslim suicide bombers that attacked churches in Sri Lanka recently were according to ISIS exacting revenge for the Christchurch New Zealand massacre of Muslims. Yet the perpetrator of the Mosque massacre wasn’t acting as a Christian. Christians haven’t got a theology for killing Muslims; that would be Islam for killing unbelievers).

The Muslim bombings of Christians Churches attacked the wrong people. Muslims in New Zealand were killed by a racist, for racial reasons, as well as culture. Muslims terrorism was a concern for  Brenton Tarrant, and he was a tit for tat king of killer.

One can make an analogy of the error of the Muslim bombers.

Say the Chicago Outfit is hit by a bomb by the Lavender Hill Mob. So they go out and get revenge on the North Side Gang, who are pissed and attack the Chicago Outfit. The Lavender Hill Mob giggles.

Muslim terrorists may not understand that a vast number of non Muslims aren’t Christian. And that there are racists that actually are atheist and pagan that hate Muslims because they are believers in God as well as non-white and of a rival culture. Of course in Sri Lanka the Tamil Tigers blew up Muslim Mosques too, and they were neo Buddhist rather than Christian.

Blowing up Christians on the main Christian celebration (equal to Christmas) day just fuels the hate of more racists against Muslims racist expansionist global terrorists. It isn’t Christians with the military equipment that would be too happy to napalm Muslim terrorists.

Muslims have a proclivity for state religion even to the level of theocracy. Christians eliminated theocracy long ago where it nearly existed. There are still state run Christian sects (sections) as in Lutheran Germany, and formerly in Tsarist Russia. Christians have generally sought to be free from state control, and it is no coincidence that a doctrine of the separation of church and state developed in Christian nations. Idiot Muslims interpret the world through jihad eyes and assume other Abrahamic religions seek to destroy them. That is idiocy.